About Lana

Lana Marks Pulver's long-standing commitment to improving the lives of those around her is evident in her many philanthropic, career and personal endeavours.

Lana speaking at a rally in 2018

Non-Profit Leader

Lana’s commitment to her values is demonstrated in her extensive work with not-for-profit organizations. Her thoughtful collaboration with fellow board members and volunteers ensures that she provides a valuable contribution.  Lana uses her education in business, an MBA from Schulich School of Business and a BA Honours in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto, to contribute strong leadership and strategic guidance to the boards on which she serves.


Lana has demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship. She runs an event management company, Events on Point, wherein she creates outstanding corporate and consumer-oriented events. And, she has fulfilled a need in the events industry for an all-in-one resource for event planners, by founding the Eventzz.com platform, an online event planning community. 

Investment Expert

Lana and her husband of twenty-six years, Doug Pulver, together have invested in several private companies, and they have served on corporate boards and helped to lead strategic direction. During her fourteen-year career as a Senior Investment Executive with Scotia McLeod, Lana, in partnership with her sister, built a successful business, managing close to $100 million in investment portfolios for individual and corporate clients. 

Lana snuggling with her beloved Sidney

Financial Author and Public Speaker

While working in investment management, Lana focused on educating people on financial affairs, with an emphasis on empowering women with this knowledge. She wrote two books on financial literacy, one of which became a national best seller. Lana views public service as a means to convey her passion for financial literacy, and to ensure that best financial practices are applied at all levels of government. 

Political Activist

During the launch of her most recent business, Lana realized that the policy environment created by the BC NDP-Green coalition is harming British Columbia’s economy and polarizing communities. Lana’s political activism has been ignited in opposition to this divisive government. 

Wife and Mother and Lifelong Vancouver Resident

Lana's greatest privilege has been growing up in Vancouver and, along with her husband, Doug, raising their two children, Benny and Chloe and their dog, Sidney (Crosby, of course) here in this beautiful province.   An avid traveler, Lana also keeps busy with yoga, skiing, biking, and tennis.

Serving The Community


Lana is a community leader with demonstrated excellence in entrepreneurship, investment management, financial literacy, non-profit leadership and citizens advocacy.

Making a Difference


Lana believes BC is one of the best places to live on the planet, and is determined to 

eliminate the political divide created by

the current provincial government.  

Getting Things Done


Lana's focus, determination, integrity and work ethic ensures that when she takes something on, it will be completed in a high-quality manner,  

on time and on budget.